About me

Born 1956 in Jönköping. Grown up in Tidaholm. Moved to Gothenburg in 1977 to study at the Academy of Music. Drawn a lot during childhood, started painting in oil during the studies, and continued with this even during her professional life as musicteacher.

Has been a songwriter and arranger for 10 years, and has published productions at Libris, and is a member of STIM – Swedish Composers’ International Music Agency. Worked as a music teacher for over 20 years. Substituted as art teacher for a few years, alongside music. Further trained as a special educator at the University of Gothenburg, and worked in the profession for over 15 years.

Oil painting dominated for many years. The first brushstrokes in watercolor painting took place during 2009. After this, the oil was set aside for watercolor art. In recent years, watercolor monotype has also gained a place in art. From March 2018, a new period in life began, which meant new opportunities in art.

The improvement in watercolor has taken place through courses focusing on technology, composition, value and color, visits to exhibitions, literature studies, participation in the painting society ”Några målare” in Vänersborg, but mainly through daily painting for several years.

Watercolor painting has become even more important. Letting imagination, color and water flow over a piece of paper was both soothing, liberating and important. It lifted life one level, and gave positive energy. Creativity through watercolor painting became an asset, and still is.

The core of my painting is light and shadows, closeness and depth, color and form. The paintings are characterized by some consistent themes: man’s inner loneliness, harmony in interaction with nature, stillness, peace and quiet.

The motifs are taken from everyday life, the surrounding environments – mainly from Vänersborg and the surrounding area – and Bohuslän coastal motifs.

This website is a selection of my watercolors.